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Number: EDP-0901  
Mohammed Abdellaoui, Olivier l’Haridon, and Horst Zank 
Separating Curvature and Elevation: A Parametric Weighting Function (PDF, 551KB)

Number: EDP-0902 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa 
Has Poverty Reduction Slowed Down in the Developing World? Evidence Based on New Poverty Estimates (PDF, 571KB)

Number: EDP-0903 
Kenneth Arrow, Partha Dasgupta 
Conspicuous consumption, inconspicuous leisure (PDF, 216KB)

Number: EDP-0904 
Michal Król 
The role of demand uncertainty in the two stage Hotelling model (PDF, 463KB)

Number: EDP-0905 
Md. Shafiul Azam, Katsushi Imai 
Vulnerability and Poverty in Bangladesh (PDF, 258KB)

Number: EDP-0906 
Woojin Kang 
Pro-poor growth, poverty, and inequality in rural Vietnam: welfare gap between the ethnic majority and minority (PDF, 305KB)

Number: EDP-0907 
Raghav Gaiha, Vani Kulkarni, Manoj Pandey, Katsushi Imai 
On hunger and child mortality in India (PDF, 216KB)

Number: EDP-0908 
Raghav Gaiha, Vani Kulkarni, Manoj Pandey, Katsushi Imai 
National rural employment guarantee scheme, poverty and prices in rural India (PDF, 316KB)

Number: EDP-0909 
Paul Madden 
Modelling strategic interactions in sport leagues (PDF, 344KB)

Number: EDP-0910 
Raghav Gaiha, Katsushi S. Imai, Kenneth Hill, Shantanu Mathur 
On insect infestation and agricultural productivity in developing countries (PDF, 251KB)

Number: EDP-0911 
Alex Dickson, Roger Hartley 
Bilateral oligopoly and quantity competition (PDF, 343KB)

Number: EDP-0912 
Eduardo Fé-Rodríguez, Chris D. Orme 
On the Sensitivity of Kernel-based Tests of Conditional Moment Restrictions (PDF, 423KB) | + detailed proof of theorem

Number: EDP-0913 
Katsushi S. Imai, Xiaobing Wang, Woojin Kang 
Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural China: Effects of Taxation (PDF, 262KB)

Number: EDP-0914 
Katsushi S. Imai 
Poverty, undernutrition and vulnerability in rural India: Role of rural public works and food for work programmes (PDF, 351KB)

Number: EDP-0915 
Dilem Yildirim, Ralf Becker, Denise R Osborn 
Bootstrap Unit Root Tests for Nonlinear Threshold Models (PDF, 626KB)

Number: EDP-0916 
Eduardo Fé-Rodríguez, Richard Hofler 
Count Data Stochastic Frontier Models, with an application to the patents-R&D Relationship (PDF, 372KB)

Number: EDP-0917 
Robert R. Routledge 
On the existence of Bayesian Bertrand equilibrium (PDF, 211KB)

Number: EDP-0918 
Robert R. Routledge 
Testable implications of the Bertrand model (PDF, 328KB)

Number: EDP-0919 
Raghav Gaiha, Katsushi S. Imai, Ganesh Thapa, Woojin Kang 
Fiscal Stimulus, Agricultural Growth and Poverty in Asia and the Pacific Region: Evidence from Panel Data (PDF, 578KB)

Number: EDP-0920 
Xiaobing Wang  
Regulation and Corruption in Transitional China (PDF, 196KB)

Number: EDP-0921 
Eduardo Fé Rodríguez 
Adaptive Instrumental Variable Estimation of Heteroskedastic Error Component Models (PDF, 277KB)

Number: EDP-0922 
Marialaura Pesce, Nicholas C Yannelis 
Existence of an interim and ex-ante minimax point for an asymmetric information game (PDF, 255KB)

Number: EDP-0923 
Marialaura Pesce, Nicholas C Yannelis 
Learning and Stability of the Bayesian – Walrasian Equilibrium (PDF, 309KB)

Number: EDP-0924
Erdenebat Bataa, Denise R. Osborn, Marianne Sensier, Dick van Dijk 
Changes in International Business Cycle Affiliations (PDF, 225KB)