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Number: EDP-0701  
Cees A. Withagen, Raymond J.G.M. Florax and Abay Mulatu 
Optimal environmental policy differentials in open economies under emissions constraints (PDF, 219KB)

Number: EDP-0702  
Alejandro Saporiti 
Existence and uniqueness of Nash Equilibrium in electoral competition games: The hybrid case (PDF, 400KB)

Number: EDP-0703 
S. D. Flåm. and L. Koutsougeras 
Private information, transferable utility,and the core (PDF, 447KB)

Number: EDP-0704 
Galyna Grygorenko and Stefan Lutz 
Firm Performance and Privatization in Ukraine (PDF, 198KB)

Number: EDP-0705 
Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai 
Non agricultural employment and poverty in India: An analysis based on the 60th Round of NSS (PDF, 295KB)

Number: EDP-0706 
Pasquale Scandizzo, Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai 
Does the employment guarantee scheme stabilise household incomes in rural India? (PDF, 166KB)

Number: EDP-0707 
Paul Madden and Mario Pezzino 
Oligopoly on a Salop circle with centre (PDF, 404KB)

Number: EDP-0708 
Raghav Gaiha, Katsushi Imai and Woojin Kang 
Vulnerability and poverty dynamics in Vietnam (PDF, 353KB)

Number: EDP-0709 
Jamsheed Shorish 
Welfare analysis of HIV/AIDS: Formulating and computing a continuous time overlapping generations policy model (PDF, 304KB)

Number: EDP-0710 
Horst Zank 
On the Paradigm of Loss Aversion (PDF, 326KB)

Number: EDP-0711 
Xin Liu and Paul Madden 
Bigger Countries with Probably Lower Commodity Taxes (PDF, 184KB)

Number: EDP-0712 
Pierre Picard and Takatoshi Tabuchi 
Self-organized Agglomerations and Transport Costs (PDF, 440KB)

Number: EDP-0713 
Mette Christensen 
Integrability of Demand Accounting for Unobservable Heterogeneity: A Test on Panel Data (PDF, 484KB)

Number: EDP-0714 
Mette Christensen 
Heterogeneity in Consumer Demands and the Income Effect: Evidence from Panel Data (PDF, 18KB)

Number: EDP-0715 
Andreea Halunga, Denise Osborn, Marianne Sensier  
Changes in the order of integration of US and UK inflation (PDF, 150KB)

Number: EDP-0716 
Denise Osborn, Marianne Sensier  
UK inflation: persistence, seasonality and monetary policy (PDF, 501KB)

Number: EDP-0717 
Leonidas Koutsougeras 
From strategic to price taking behavior (PDF, 190)

Number: EDP-0718 
Wael Bahsoun, Igor Evstigneev, Michael Taksar  
Rapid paths in von Neumann-Gale dynamical systems (PDF, 253KB)

Number: EDP-0719 
Katsushi Imai, Raghav Gaiha 
Poverty, inequality and ethnic minorities in Vietnam (PDF, 361KB)

Number: EDP-0720 
Wael Bahsoun, Igor Evstigneev, Michael Taksar  
Capital growth theory and von Neumann-Gale dynamics (PDF, 260KB)

Number: EDP-0721 
Andreea Halunga, Chris D. Orme 
First order asymptotic theory for parametric misspecification tests of GARCH model (PDF, 502KB)

Number: EDP-0722 
Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Katsushi Imai, Vani S. Kulkarni 
Endowments, discrimination and deprivation among ethnic groups in rural India (PDF, 705KB)

Number: EDP-0723 
Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Katsushi Imai, Vani S. Kulkarni 
Wages, prices and antipoverty interventions in rural India (PDF, 201KB)

Number: EDP-0724 
Ralf Becker, Denise Osborn 
Weighted smooth transition regressions (PDF, 484KB)

Number: EDP-0725 
Eduardo Fé Rodríguez 
Exploring a stochastic frontier model when the dependent variable is a count (PDF, 318KB)