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Number: EDP-0601 
P Madden and Z Gu
Inequality in the Relative Differential Sense and Predation in a Primitive Economy (PDF, 203KB)

Number: EDP-0602 
R Gaiha and K Imai
Vulnerability and poverty in rural India-estimates for rural south India (PDF, 339KB)

Number: EDP-0603 
I. V. Evstigneev and K. R. Schenk-Hoppé 
Pure and Randomized Equilibria in the Stochastic von Neumann-Gale model (PDF, 373KB)

Number: EDP-0604 
L. Kaas and P. Madden 
Minimum Wages and Welfare in a Hotelling Duopsony (PDF, 609KB)

Number: EDP-0605 
M. Correa-López  
A model of unionized oligopoly in general equilibrium (PDF, 415KB)

Number: EDP-0606 
E. Fe-Rodríguez and C. Orme 
On the sensitivity of Kernel-based Conditional Moment Tests to Unconsidered Local Alternatives 
Substantially revised as EDP-0912 (PDF, 423KB)

Number: EDP-0607 

Pierre Richard Agénor 
External Shocks and the Urban Poor (PDF, 422KB)

Number: EDP-0608 
Pierre Richard Agénor and Kyriakos C. Neanidis 
The Allocation of Public Expenditure and Economic Growth (PDF, 555KB)

Number: EDP-0609 
Kyriakos C. Neanidis and Christos S. Savva 
The Effects of Uncertainty on Currency Substitution and Inflation: Evidence from Emerging Economies (PDF, 372KB)

Number: EDP-0610 
C. Orme and Y. Yamagata 
The Asymptotic Distribution of the F-Test Statistic for Individual Effects (PDF, 321KB)

Number: EDP-0611 
Erdenebat Bataa, Dong H. Kim, Denise R. Osborn 
Expectations Hypothesis Tests in the Presence of Model Uncertainty (PDF, 377KB)

Number: EDP-0612 
Tomas del Barrio Castro and Denise R. Osborn 
A Random Walk through Seasonal Adjustment: Noninvertible Moving Averages and Unit Root Tests (PDF, 868KB)

Number: EDP-0613 
Mario Pezzino 
Minimum quality standards with more than two firms under Cournot competition (PDF, 285KB)

Number: EDP-0614 
Katsushi Imai and Per A. Eklund 
Women’s Organisations and Social Capital to Reduce Prevalence of Child Malnutrition in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 287KB)

Number: EDP-0615 
M. Andrews, L. Gill, T. Schank and R. Upward 
High wage workers and low wage firms: Negative assortative matching or statistical artefact? (PDF, 491KB)

Number: EDP-0616 
Pierre-Richard Agénor and Devrim Yilmaz 
The Tyranny of Rules: Fiscal Discipline, Productive Spending, and Growth (PDF, 1,295KB)

Number: EDP-0617 
Alejandro Saporiti 
Strategic voting on single-crossing domains (PDF, 493KB)

Number: EDP-0618 
Keith Blackburn and Dimitrios Varvarigos 
Human Capital Accumulation in a Stochastic Environment: Some New Results on the Relationship Between Growth and Volatility (PDF, 203KB)

Number: EDP-0619 
Igor Evstigneev and Dhruv Kapoor 
Arbitrage in stationary markets (PDF, 168KB)

Number: EDP-0620 
Igor Evstigneev and Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé 
Stochastic equilibria in von Neumann–Gale dynamical systems (PDF, 306KB)

Number: EDP-0621 
Raghav Gaiha and Katsushi Imai 
Agricultural growth, employment and wage rates in developing countries (PDF, 349KB)

Number: EDP-0622 
Enrico Diecidue, Ulrich Schmidt, and Horst Zank 
Parametric Weighting Functions (PDF, 474KB)

Number: EDP-0623 
Igor Evstigneev and Michael Taksar 
Dynamic interaction models of economic equilibrium (PDF, 311KB)

Number: EDP-0624 
Richard Cornes and Roger Hartley 
Weak Links, Good Shots and other PublicGood Games: Building on BBV (PDF, 322KB )

Number: EDP-0625 
Thankom Arun, Katsushi Imai and Frances Sinha 
Does the Microfinance Reduce Poverty in India? Propensity Score Matching based on a National-level Household Data (PDF, 197KB)

Number: EDP-0626 
Michael A.H. Dempster, Igor V. Evstigneev and Klaus R. Schenk-Hoppé 
Volatility-Induced Financial Growth (PDF, 305KB)

Number: EDP-0627 
Germán Coloma and Alejandro Saporiti 
Bertrand equilibria in markets with fixed costs (PDF, 239KB)

Number: EDP-0628 
Pierre-Richard Agénor and Peter J. Montiel 
Credit Market Imperfections and the Monetary Transmission Mechanism Part I: Fixed Exchange Rates (PDF, 367KB)

Number: EDP-0629 
Christos S. Savva, Denise R. Osborn, Len Gill 
Periodic Dynamic Conditional Correlations between Stock Markets in Europe and the US (PDF, 341KB)

Number: EDP-0630 
Martyn Andrews, Steve Bradley, Dave Stott and Richard Upward 
Testing theories of labour market matching (PDF, 340KB)

Number: EDP-0631 
Chengsi Zhang, Denise R. Osborn, Dong Heon Kim 
The New Keynesian Phillips Curve: from Sticky Inflation to Sticky Prices (PDF, 325KB)

Number: EDP-0632 
Chengsi Zhang, Denise R. Osborn, Dong Heon Kim 
Observed Inflation Forecasts and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve (PDF, 289KB)

Number: EDP-0633 
Luis Angeles and Kyriakos C. Neanidis 
Aid Effectiveness: The Role of the Local Elite (PDF, 661KB)

Number: EDP-0634 
Leonidas C. Koutsougeras and Nicholas Ziros 
A three way equivalence (PDF, 282KB)

Number: EDP-0635 
Martyn Andrews, Steve Bradley, Dave Stott and Richard Upward 
Why do job-seeker and vacancy hazards slope downwards? Estimating a two-sided search model of the labour market (PDF, 351KB)

Number: EDP-0636 
Michele Berardi 
Heterogeneity and misspecifications in learning (PDF, 629KB)

Number: EDP-0637 
Michele Berardi 
Monetary policy with heterogeneous and misspecified expectations (PDF, 307KB)

Number: EDP-0638 
Alex Dickson and Roger Hartley 
On a foundation for Cournot equilibrium (PDF, 363KB)

Number: EDP-0639 
Keith Blackburn and Rashmi Sarmah 
Red Tape, Corruption and Finance (PDF, 231KB)