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Number: EDP-0501 
B Ouattara 
A New Database on Project Aid and Programme Aid Disbursements and a Re-examination of the Aid-Savings Nexus (PDF, 371KB)

Number: EDP-0502 
P Commendatore, M Currie, I Kubin 
Chaotic Footloose Capital (PDF, 315KB)

Number: EDP-0503 
P Commendatore, M Currie 
The Cobweb, Borrowing and Financial Crises (PDF, 1,010KB)

Number: EDP-0504 
E Fe-Rodriguez, C D Orme 
The Asymptotic Equivalence of Kernel-based Nonparametric Conditional Moment Test Statistics (PDF, 478KB)

Number: EDP-0505 
S D Flåm, O Godal 
Affine Price Expectations and Equilibrium in Strategic Markets (PDF, 286KB)

Number: EDP-0506 
R Gaiha, K Imai 
Do Institutions Matter in Poverty Reduction? Prospects of Achieving the MDG of Poverty Reduction in Asia (PDF, 526KB)

Number: EDP-0507 
R Gaiha, K Imai, M A Nandhi 
Millennium Development Goal of Halving Poverty in Asia and the Pacific Region: Progress, Prospects and Priorities (PDF, 538KB)

Number: EDP-0508 
S D Flåm 
Portfolio Management without Probabilities or Statistics (PDF, 204KB)

Number: EDP-0509 
S Lutz 
Regulatory Standards Can Lead to Predation (PDF, 127KB)

Number: EDP-0510 
S Lutz 
Can a Tariff on Foreign Competition Harm the Domestic Industry? (PDF, 311KB)

Number: EDP-0511 
S Lutz, O Talavera, S M Park 
Effects of Foreign Presence in a Transition Economy: Regional and Industry-Wide Investments and Firm-Level Exports in Ukrainian Manufacturing (PDF, 306KB)

Number: EDP-0512 
S D Flåm, L Koutsougeras 
Private Information, Transferable Utility, and the Core (PDF, 325KB)

Number: EDP-0513 
R Gaiha, K Imai 
A Review of the Employment Guarantee Scheme in India (PDF, 301KB)

Number: EDP-0514
R Cornes, R Hartley
The Geometry of Aggregative Games (PDF, 582KB)

Number: EDP-0515
C S Savva, D R Osborn, L Gill
Spillovers and Correlations between US and Major European Stock Markets: The Role of the Euro (PDF, 545KB)

Number: EDP-0516
I V Evstigneev, M I Taksar 
Random Field Models of Microeconomic Dynamics (PDF, 368KB)

Number: EDP-0517
K Behrens and P M Picard
Tax Competition, Location, and Horizontal Foreign Direct Investment (PDF, 310KB)

Number: EDP-0518
P M Picard and E Toulemonde
On Monopolistic Competition and Optimal Product Diversity: A Comment on Cost Structure and Workers' Rents (PDF, 187KB)

Number: EDP-0519
Kristian Behrens and Pierre M. Picard 
Welfare, home market effects, and horizontal foreign direct investment (PDF, 438KB)

Number: EDP-0520
Pierre M. Picard and David E. Wildasin
Labor Market Pooling, Outsourcing and Contracts in Chamberlinian Cities (PDF, 384KB)

Number: EDP-0521
Pasquale Commendatore, Martin Currie and Ingrid Kubin
Footloose Entrepreneurs, Taxes and Subsidies (PDF, 1,647KB)

Number: EDP-0522
Tomas del Barrio Castro and Denise R Osborn
Cointegration for Periodically Integrated Processes (PDF, 607KB)

Number: EDP-0523
A. Dickson and R. Hartley
The strategic Marshallian cross and bilateral oligopoly (PDF, 385KB)

Number: EDP-0524
Pierre-Richard Agénor
Infrastructure, Public Education and Growth with Congestion Costs (PDF, 454KB)

Number: EDP-0525
Keith Blackburn and Dimitrios Varvarigos
Growth, Uncertainty and Finance (PDF, 313KB)

Number: EDP-0526
Dimitrios Varvarigos
Policy Variability in Models of Endogenous Growth with Productive Spending (PDF, 213KB)

Number: EDP-0527 
Denise R Osborn, Pedro J Perez and Marianne Sensier
Business Cycle Linkages for the G7 Countries: Does the US Lead the World? (PDF, 1,021KB)

Number: EDP-0528
Dong Heon Kim
Nonlinearity in the Term Structure (PDF, 752KB)

Number: EDP-0529
Pierre-Richard Agénor
The Analytics of Segmented Labor Markets (PDF, 716KB)

Number: EDP-0530
Keith Blackburn, Niloy Bose and M. Emranul Haque
Public Expenditures, Bureaucratic Corruption and Economic Development (PDF, 399KB)

Number: EDP-0531
Keith Blackburn and Gonzalo F. Forgues-Puccio 
Financial Liberalisation, Bureaucratic Corruption and Economic Development

Number: EDP-0532
Keith Blackburn and Rashmi Sarmah
Corruption, Development and Demography (PDF, 331KB)

Number: EDP-0533
Kyriakos C. Neanidis and Dimitrios Varvarigos
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth: Volatility of Disbursements and Distribution of Receipts (PDF, 344KB)

Number: EDP-0534
Niloy Bose, Jill A. Holman, and Kyriakos C. Neanidis
The Optimal Public Expenditure Financing Policy: Does the Level of Economic Development Matter? (PDF, 769KB)

Number: EDP-0535
Kyriakos C. Neanidis
Aid, Budgetary Policies, and the Macroeconomy: Growth, Inflation, and Welfare (PDF, 368KB)

Number: EDP-0536
Pierre-Richard Agénor
Fiscal Policy and Endogenous Growth with Public Infrastructure (PDF, 352KB)

Number: EDP-0537
Pierre-Richard Agénor
Infrastructure Investment and Maintenance Expenditure: Optimal Allocation Rules in a Growing (PDF, 382KB)

Number: EDP-0538
Pierre-Richard Agénor
Schooling and Public Capital in a Model of Endogenous Growth (PDF, 387)

Number: EDP-0539
Pierre-Richard Agénor
Health and Infrastructure in Models of Endogenous Growth (PDF, 387KB)

Number: EDP-0540
George J. Bratsiotis
Influential Price and Wage Setters, Monetary Policy and Real Effects (PDF, 353B)

Number: EDP-0541
Christos S. Savva, Denise R. Osborn and Len Gill
Spillovers and Correlations between US and Major European Stock Markets: The Role of the Euro (PDF, 410KB)

Number: EDP-0542
Luis Angeles
Capital Account Openness and Bankruptcies (PDF, 313KB)

Number: EDP-0543
Luis Angeles
Income Inequality and Colonialism (PDF, 376KB)

Number: EDP-0544
M. Emranul Haque and Richard Kneller
Corruption Clubs: Endogenous Thresholds in Corruption and Development (PDF, 424KB)