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Number: 0401 
D H Kim 
Nonlinearity in the Term Structure (PDF, 561KB)

Number: 0402 
P Brooks, H Zank 
Attitudes on Gain and Loss Lotteries: A Simple Experiment (PDF, 534KB)

Number: 0403 
E Auriol, P M Picard 
Liberal Regulation: Privatization of Natural Monopolies with Adverse Selection (PDF, 377KB)

Number: 0404 
B N Okumu, N Russell, M A Jabbar, D Colman, M A Mohamed Saleem, J Pender 
Technology, Policy and Population Growth Impacts on Economic Performance, Nutrient Flows and Soil Erosion at Watershed Level: The Case of Ginchi in Ethiopia (PDF, 1,078KB)

Number: 0405 
P Madden 
Geographical Separation of Oligopolists Can Be Very Competitive (PDF, 153KB)

Number: 0406 
B Ouattara 
Foreign Aid, Public Savings Displacement, and Aid Dependency in Côte d'Ivoire: An Aid Disaggregation Approach (PDF, 117KB)

Number: 0407 
B Ouattara 
Does Aid Promote Fiscal Indiscipline? Evidence from Dynamic Panel Model (PDF, 100KB)

Number: 0408 
H Issa, B Ouattara 
Foreign Aid Flows and Real Exchange Rate: Evidence from Syria (PDF, 107KB)

Number: 0409 
H Zank 
Deriving Rank-Dependent Expected Utility Through Probabilistic Consistency (PDF, 357KB)

Number: 0410 
D Rigby 
GM Food, Risk, Regulation and the EU-US Trade Dispute (PDF, 379KB)

Number: 0411 
J Harrigan, C Wang, H El-Said 
The Economic and Politics Determinants of IMF and World Bank Lending in the Middle Eastand North Africa (PDF, 389KB)

Number: 0412 
J Harrigan, C Wang 
A New Approach to the Allocation of Aid Among Developing Countries: Is the USA more Selfish than the Rest? (PDF, 505KB)

Number: 0413 
B Ouattara 
Modelling the Long Run Determinants of Private Investment in Senegal (PDF, 153KB)

Number: 0414 
B Ouattara, E Strobl 
Disaggregating the Aid and Growth Relationship (PDF, 139KB)

Number: 0415 
A G Halunga, C D Orme; 
Misspecification Tests for GARCH Models (PDF, 317KB)

Number: 0416 
C D Orme, T Yamagata 
On the Limit Distribution of the F-Test Statistic for Fixed Effects (PDF, 295KB)

Number: 0417 
L G Godfrey, C D Orme, J M C Santos Silva 
Simulation-Based Tests for Heteroskedasticity: Some Further Results (PDF, 224KB)

Number: 0418 
M Blin, B Ouattara 
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Mauritius: Evidence from Bounds Test Cointegration (PDF, 67KB)

Number: 0419 
P-R Agénor, N Bayraktar, K El Aynaoui 
Roads out of Poverty? Assessing the Links between Aid, Public Investment, Growth, and Poverty Reduction (PDF, 471KB)

Number: 0420 
B Ouattara 
Fiscal Effects of Aid Flows in Senegal (PDF, 170KB)

Number: 0421 
S Barrios, B Ouattara, E Strobl 
The Impact of Climatic Change on Agricultural Production: Is it different for Africa? (PDF, 191KB)

Number: 0422 
I V Evstigneev, M I Taksar 
Asset pricing and hedging under transaction costs: An approach based on the von Neumann-Gale model (PDF, 465KB)