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Number: 0301
S Rahman
Resource Use Efficiency with Self-Selectivity: An Application of a Switching Regression Framework to Stochastic Frontier Models (PDF, 119KB)

Number: 0302
K Blackburn, N Bose, M E Haque 
Endogenous Corruption in Economic Development (PDF, 683KB)

Number: 0303
K Blackburn, R Galindev 
Growth, Volatility and Learning (PDF, 265KB)

Number: 0304
A Matas-Mir, D R Osborn 
Seasonal Adjustment and the Detection of Business Cycle Phases (PDF, 929KB)

Number: 0305
N Aslanidis, D R Osborn, M Sensier
Explaining Movements in UK Stock Prices: How Important is the US Market? (PDF, 940KB)

Number: 0306
D H Kim
Another Look at Yield Spreads: The Role of Liquidity (PDF, 330KB)

Number: 0307
G Mavrotas, B Ouattara
The Composition of Aid and the Fiscal Sector in an Aid-Recipient Economy: A model (PDF, 300KB)

Number: 0308
A K M Azhar, R J R Elliott
Economic Integration and the Evolution of Trade: A Geometric Interpretation (PDF, 79KB)

Number: 0309
A K M Azhar, R J R Elliott
On the Measurement of Trade-Induced Adjustment (PDF, 103KB)

Number: 0310
M A Cole, R J R Elliott
Do Environmental Regulations Influence Trade Patterns? Testing New and Old Trade Theories (PDF, 100KB)

Number: 0311
R J R Elliott, K Ikemoto
AFTA and the Asian Crisis: Help or Hindrance to ASEAN Intra-Regional Trade? (PDF, 958KB)

Number: 0312
R J R Elliott, J Lindley
Trade, Skills and Adjustment Costs: A Study of Intra-Sectoral Labour Mobility in the UK (PDF, 110KB)

Number: 0313
R J R Elliott, J Lindley 
Skill Specificity and Labor Mobility: Occupational and Sectoral Dimensions (PDF, 107KB)

Number: 0314
M Currie, I Kubin 
Chaos in the Core-Periphery Model (PDF, 1,260KB)

Number: 0315
R Amir, V E Lambson
Entry, Exit, and Imperfect Competition in the Long Run (PDF, 194KB)

Number: 0316
A Badawi
Private Capital Formation and Public Investment in Sudan: Testing the Substitutability and Complementarity Hypotheses in a Growth Framework (PDF, 151KB)

Number: 0317
A Omer, U Pascual, N Russel
Agricultural Intensification and Biodiversity Loss: Is There and Agri-EKC? (PDF, 106KB)

Number: 0318
M Andrews, S Bradley, D Stott, R Upward
Testing Theories of Labour Market Matching (PDF, 269KB)

Number: 0319
D Rigby, M Burton
Capturing Preference Heterogeneity in Stated Choice Models: A Random Parameter Logit Model of the Demand for GM Food (PDF, 764KB)

Number: 0320
M Andrews, S Bradley, D Stott, R Upward
Why do Job-Seeker and Vacancy Hazards Slope Downwards? Estimating a Two-Sided Search Model of the Labour Market (PDF, 205KB)

Number: 0321
M A Cole, R J R Elliott, K Shimamoto 
US Specialization in Pollution-Intensive Industries: Factor Intensities versus Environmental Regulations (PDF, 315KB)

Number: 0322
U Pascual, N P Russell, A A Omer
Does Loss in Biodiversity Compromise Productivity in Intensive Agriculture? (PDF, 845KB)

Number: 0323
U Pascual, R Martinez-Espineira
Integrated Policy Options for Land Conservation and Rural Poverty Alleviation: A System- Dynamics Approach (PDF, 307KB)

Number: 0324
M E Haque, D H Kim
Public Investment in Transportation and Communication and Growth: A Dynamic Panel Approach (PDF, 181KB)

Number: 0325
M Cruz
A Minskyian Crisis: An Application to the 1994-95 Mexican Experience (PDF, 606KB)

Number: 0326
D Rigby, S Bown
Organic Food and Global Trade: Is the Market Delivering Agricultural Sustainability? (PDF, 541KB)

Number: 0327
D Rigby, M Burton
Modeling Indifference and Dislike: A Bounded Bayesian Mixed Logit Model of the UK Market for GM Food (PDF, 846KB)

Number: 0328
T Yamagata
A Nonnormality and Heteroskedasticity Robust Test for Skewness in Regression Models (PDF, 2,612KB)

Number: 0329
P M Picard, T Tabuchi
Natural Agglomeration (PDF, 403KB)

Number: 0330
B Ouattara, E Strobl
Do Aid Inflows Cause Dutch Disease? A Case Study of the CFA Franc Countries (PDF, 37KB)

Number: 0331
M Cruz
The Business Cycle in a Financially Deregulated Context: Theory and Evidence (PDF, 77KB)

Number: 0332
P Belleflamme, P Picard
Competition over Piratable Goods (PDF, 453KB)

Number: 0333
O Okiti 
A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model with Terms of Trade Shocks: A Small Open Economy Case (PDF, 214KB)

Number: 0334
O Okiti 
Temporary and Permanent Terms of Trade Shocks: A Literature Survey (PDF, 106KB)