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Number: EDP-1702 
Dario Debowicz, Alejandro Saporiti, Yizhi Wang
On Altruistic and Electoral Income Redistribution: Theory and Data

Number: EDP-1701 
Rupayan Pal, Prasenjit Banerjee, Ada Wossink
Going Green To Be Seen: The Case of Biodiversity Protection on Farmland

Number: EDP-1702 
Rabah Amir, Igor V. Evstigneev
A new look at the classical Bertrand duopoly

Number: EDP-1703
Prosper Donovon, Frank Kleibergen, Alastair R. Hall
Inference in Second-Order Identified Models

Number: EDP-1704
Otilia Boldea, Alastair R. Hall, Adriana Cornea-Madeira
Bootstrapping Structural Change Tests 

Number: EDP-1705
Prosper Donovon, Alastair R. Hall
The Asymptotic Properties of GMM and Indirect Inference under Second Inference 

Number: EDP-1706
Rabah Amir, Sergei Belkov, Igor V. Evstigneev
Correlated Equilibrium in a Nutshell

Number: EDP-1707
Fabio Lamantia, Mario Pezzino
Tax evasion, intrinsic motivation, and the evolutionary effects of tax reforms

Number: EDP-1708 
Fabio Lamantia, Mario Pezzino, Fabio Tramontana
Dynamic analysis of discontinuous best response with innovation

Number: EDP-1709
Marianne Sensier, Fiona Devine
Social Mobility and Brexit: A Closer Look At England's 'Left Behind' Communities

Number: EDP-1710
Diane Coyle
Homo Economicus, AIs, humans and rats: decision-making and economic welfare

Number: EDP-1711
Nuno Palma
Harbingers of Modernity: Monetary Injections and European Economics Growth 1492-1790