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Number: EDP-1816
E. Babaei, I.V. Evstigneev, K.R. Schenk-Hoppé, M.V. Zhitlukhin
Von Neumann-Gale Dynamics, Market Frictions, and Capital Growth

Number: EDP-1815
E. Babaei, I.V. Evstigneev, K.R. Schenk-Hoppé, M.V. Zhitlukhin
Von Neumann-Gale Dynamics and Capital Growth in Financial Markets with Frictions

Number: EDP-1814
Domenico De Giovanni, Fabio Lamantia, Mario Pezzino
Evolutionary tax evasion and optimal regulation

Number: EDP-1813
Carlo Reggiani, Alejandro Saporiti, Lois Simanjuntak
Social Information and Consumer Heterogeneity

Number: EDP-1812
Paul Madden
Collective Bargaining in a Basic North American Sports League Model

Number: EDP-1811
Nuno Palma, Jaime Reis
From Convergence to Divergence: Portuguese Economic Growth, 1527-1850

Number: EDP-1810
Indranil Dutta, Ajit Mishra
Measuring Vulnerability Using the Counting Approach

Number: EDP-1809
Jon Gibson, Dan Rigby, Matt Sutton, Sharon Spooner, Kath Checkland
Expectations, preferences and physicians' specialty choice

Number: EDP-1808
Patrick K. O'Brien, Nuno Palma
Danger to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street? The Bank Restriction Act and the Regime Shift to Paper Money, 1797-1821

Number: EDP-1807
Jibonayan Raychaudhuri, Ada Wossink
Ecolabels and The Economic Recession

Number: EDP-1806
Prasenjit Banerjee, Vegard Iversen, Sandip Mitra, Antonio Nicolò, Kunal Sen
Politicians and their promises in an uncertain world: Evidence from a lab-in-the-field experiment in India

Number: EDP-1805
Nuno Palma, Jaime Reis
Can autocracy promote literacy? Evidence from a cultural alignment success story

Number: EDP-1804
Ming Tung Le, Alejandro Saporiti, Yizhi Wang
Distributive Politics with Other-Regarding Preferences

Number: EDP-1803
João Madeira, Nuno Palma
Measuring monetary policy deviations from the Taylor rule

Number: EDP-1802
Nicky L. Grant, Richard J. Smith
GEL-Based Inference from Unconditional Moment Inequality Restrictions

Number: EDP-1801
Dario Debowicz, Alejandro Saporiti, Yizhi Wang
On Altruistic and Electoral Income Redistribution: Theory and Data