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NWDTC PhD conferences

The North West Doctoral Training College runs a specialist economics PhD conference every three years.

The latest NWDCT Economics PhD Conference took place in 2014 and included the following presentations and keynote speeches:

Keynote speech 1

  • Prof Edi Karni, Johns Hopkins University: On the Representation of Incomplete Preference under Uncertainty

Applied Macroeconomics – Session 1 (Chair: Gokcen Yilmaz)

  • Humna Ashan: Threshold effects in the relationship between human capital and growth: A new panel-data approach
  • Zeeshan Atiq: What makes financial liberalization work: The impact of sequencing on financial crises
  • Michael Ellington: Modelling UK inflation: A linear comparison of broad and divisia money
  • Gokcen Yilmaz:The impact of public investment on growth in Turkey

Applied Microeconomics: Session 2 (Chair: Shane Murphy)

  • Sofia Izquierdo Sanchez: The determinants of movies' life on screens: A duration analysis approach
  • Miaoqing Yang: Demand for voluntary social health insurance in China: Evidence from the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme
  • Ayesha Ali: Are there any health effects of trans-fat regulation in the United States?
  • Shane Murphy: Using random forests in health economics: An application to risk adjustment

Macroeconomic Theory 1: Session 3 (Chair: Keyra Primus)

  • Adams Adama: Limited contract enforcement and firm financing : Growth and welfare implications
  • Baris Alpaslan: Infrastructure and industrial development with endogenous skill acquisition
  • Keyra Primus: Fiscal rules for resource windfall allocation: Challenges for small open economies

Econometric Theory and Applied Microeconomics: Session 4 (Chair: Peng Wang)

  • Odaro Augustine-Ohwo: Break point estimation in linear econometric models
  • Lars Knuth: A similarity based approach to forecasting the variance-covariance matrix
  • Colin Mang: Sex and money in university administration: Exploring male-female wage differentials in the early 21st century
  • Peng Wang: Do wealth fluctuations generate time-varying risk aversion? The UK microevidence on household asset allocation

Keynote speech 2

  • Prof Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester & IFS: Getting the Most Out of the Publication Process

Economic Development: Session 5 (Chair: Vicente Rivera-Garcia)

  • Jonathan Gibson: Valuation in developing countries: Willingness to pay vs willingness to work
  • Subhasish Dey: Electoral politics and public good distribution: Evidence from village council election and NREGA allocation in West Bengal, India
  • Bilal Malaeb: Consumption smoothing and risk coping mechanisms: Evidence from rural India
  • Vicente Rivera-Garcia: Vulnerability and crime in the urban Mexico

Macroeconomic Theory 2 – Session 6 (Chair: Mohsen Veisi)

  • Yuxiang Zou: The role of labour markets in international trade
  • Cheng Cheng: Technological change, employment and wages in the global economy
  • Mohsen Veisi: Oil to cash, how much?

Microeconomic Theory – Session 7 (Chair: Yueqing Liu)

  • Krzysztof Brzezinski: Cost-efficiency and endogenous Stackelberg leadership under uncertain demand
  • Yueqing Liu: Party polarization: Vote ratio vs. margin of victory