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Past PhD students

Some of the postgraduate researchers that have previously studied economics with us.


Tadeusz Gwiazdowski University of Leeds, Teaching Fellow
Ali Raza University of Leeds, Teaching Fellow
Panagiotis Margaris Stockholm School of Economics, post-doc
Keila Meginnis University of Glasgow, post-doc
Jingyi Meng Nankai University, Assistant Professor
Melisa Sayli University of York, post-doc
Ibrahim Tajudeen Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
Fei Xu Sciences Po, post-doc


Adams Adama African Development Bank
Sama (Bombaywala) Agrawal Resolution Economics
Krzysztof Brzezinski Oriel College and St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford, College Lecturer
Chuku Chuku African Development Bank
Pengfei Jia Nanjing University
King Yoong Lim Nottingham Trent University, Lecturer
Diego Morris University of Strathclyde, Teaching Assistant
Vicente Rivera-Garcia Mexican Federal Police
Mohsen Veisi University of Sussex, Teaching Fellow


Odaro Augustine-Ohwo Northern Powergrid
Subhasish Dey New College of the Humanities, Lecturer
Lars Knuth Schultz & Braun
Bilal Malaeb University of Oxford, post-doc


Katarzyna Werner Sheffield Hallam University, Lecturer
Xin Hao University of Chester, Lecturer
David Chivers University of Oxford, Exeter College, Lecturer
Yuxiang Zou Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Lecturer
Humna Ahsan Forman Christian College, Lecturer
Gareth Downing University of Huddersfield, Lecturer
Jinrui Pan Swansea University, Lecturer
Swati Virmani Lancaster University, Research Associate


Baris Alpaslan

  • Thesis title: Essays on Public Capital and Economic Growth
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey

Gantungalag Altansukh

  • Thesis title: International Inflation Linkages and Forecasting in the Presence of Structural Breaks
  • Current position: Risk Management Analyst, Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Obbey A. Elamin

  • Thesis title: Nonparametric kernel technique for estimation of discrete conditional functions in econometrics
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Stirling.

Rabeya Khatoon

  • Thesis title: Estimation and Inference of Microeconometric Models based on Moment Condition Models

Jaqueson Galimberti

  • Thesis title: Adaptive Learning for Applied Macroeconomics
  • Current position: Researcher, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Serena Masino

  • Thesis title: Essays on Innovation, Human Capital, and Economic Instability
  • Current position: Research Officer, Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), , Oxford Department for International Development, University of Oxford.

Keyra Primus

  • Thesis title: Essays on Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Small Open Economies

Mohammad Rahman

  • Thesis title: Estimation of Treatment Effects Using Regression Discontinuity Design
  • Current position: Research Fellow, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Bangladesh

Maria Paola Rana

  • Thesis title: Essays on Crime, Institutions, and Economic Growth

Natina Yaduma

  • Thesis title: Essays on the Econometric Analysis of Economic Development and the Effects on Health, Environmental Damage and Natural Resource Depletion
  • Current position: Research Fellow in Economics, University of Surrey.

Mikhail Zhitlukhin

  • Thesis title: Stochastic Dynamics of Financial Markets
  • Current position: Scientific Researcher, Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Roy Zilberman

  • Thesis title: Essays on Banking Regulation, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Financial Volatility
  • Current position: Development Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Lancaster.


Abdilahi Ali

  • Thesis title: Essays on Capital Flows, Crises and Economic Performance
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Northampton, UK

Caroline Millman

  • Thesis title: Perceptions and risks: Food-borne pathogens in the domestic environment
  • Current position: Research Assistant in Economics, University of Manchester, UK

Laurence Roope

  • Thesis title: Essays on the measurement of Poverty
  • Current position: Researcher, Health Economics Research Centre, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, UK

William Tayler

  • Thesis title: Essays on Macroeconomic Models with Nominal Rigidities and Imperfections in the Goods and Credit Markets
  • Current position: Development Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Lancaster, UK


Arshad Ali Bhatti

  • Tesis title: Essays on Economic Growth
  • Current position Assistant Professor, IIIE International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

Azizun Nessa

  • Thesis title: Economics of Remittances: Essays on the Effects of Remittances on Inequality and Growth
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University

Vea Papadopoulou

  • Thesis title: Essays in the Economics of Crime and Corruption
  • Current position: Assurance and Advisory Services, PwC, Cyprus

Maria Quattri

  • Thesis title: On Making Agricultural Markets work for the Poor: New Evidence from Ethiopia


Md Shafiul Azam

  • Thesis title: Poverty and Vulnerability in Developing Countries
  • Current position: Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh

Wasel Bin Shadat

  • Thesis title: Specification Testing of GARCH Regression Models.
  • Current position: Temporary Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Seda Erdem

  • Thesis title: Food Safety, perceptions and Preferences: Empirical Studies on Risk, Responsibility, Trust and Consumer Choices
  • Current position: Research Fellow, Health Sciences, University of York

Jennifer Golan

  • Thesis title: Analysing the Collective Model in Developing Countries: Evidence from Uganda and Tanzania
  • Current position: Extended Term Consultant, World Bank

Babar Hussain

  • Thesis title: Essays on Human Capital, Institutions and Economic Growth
  • Current position: Lecturer, University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Michael King

  • Thesis title: A rationale for tying merchants' membership of platforms saving independent markets
  • Current position: Consultant

Michal Krol

  • Thesis title: Game-Theoretic Modelling of Oligopolistic Competition under Uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Yuyi Li

  • Thesis title: Empirical Likelihood with Applications in Time Series.
  • Current position: Temporary Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Robert O'Neill

  • Thesis title: Essays On Forecasting The Multivariate Variance-Covariance Matrix
  • Current position: Assistant Statistician (index numbers, prices and inflation measurement), Office for National Statistics, UK

Robert Routledge

  • Thesis title: On the existence and structure of equilibrium in price-setting games
  • Current position: Lecturer, Management School, University of Liverpool

Jing You

  • Thesis title: Household Welfare and Poverty in Rural China
  • Current position:Lecturer, School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, External Research Associate, Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester


Chandranath Amarasakera

  • Thesis title: Essays on Monetary Policy and Labour Markets
  • Current position: Researcher, Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Samuel Annim

  • Thesis title: Microfinance paradigm: institutional performance and outreach
  • Current position: Research Associate, Institute of Global Finance and Development, University of Central Lancashire

Soyolmaa Batbekh

  • Thesis title: Essays on inequality and poverty

Harischandranath Pahatch Kumbure Gedara

  • Thesis title: Essays on Inflation and Monetary Policy
  • Current position: Researcher, Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Woojin Kang

  • Thesis title: A microeconometric analysis of the welfare of households in Vietnam and China: poverty, vulnerability and inequality
  • Current position: Instructor, Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia

Richard Marshall

  • Thesis title: An Appraisal of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) Initiative
  • Current position: Country Economist, Dhaka Office of the United Nations Development Programme, Bangaladesh

Yuan Yuan Wang

  • Thesis title: Three essays on growth and business cycles in China
  • Current position: Research Associate, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London 

Le Xu

  • Thesis title: Evolutionary Finance and Dynamic Games
  • Current position: Instructor, Business School, National University of Singapore


Alwaleed Alshiekh

  • Thesis title: A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Saudi Arabian Economy
  • Current position: Assistant Director of Banking Supervision, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Saudi Arabia

Adam Bointon

  • Thesis title: Patterns of Trade and Specialisation in Europe and their implications for Monetary Union
  • Current position: Tax consultant

Nobantu Mbeki

  • Thesis title: Kaleckian theory of the firm and radical uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer, School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Theophilus Richardson

  • Thesis title: The State, the Market and Economic Transformation: the political economy of industrial and economic policies in Ghana, 1957-2000.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Development Economist and Policy Analyst at GIMPA, Ghana

Craig Webb

  • Thesis title: Essays on Choice Under Risk and Uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer in Microeconomic Theory, University of Manchester.

Dilem Yildirim

  • Thesis title: Modelling Nonlinear Nonstationary Time Series
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Middle East Technical University of Turkey.


Koray Alper

  • Thesis title: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Emerging Market Economies : The Turkish Case
  • Current position: Senior Researcher, Central Bank of Turkey

Robert Anderson

  • Thesis title: Essays on US Consumer Inflation Expectations
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Business School, Newcastle University

Nikolaos C. Kanellopoulos

  • Thesis title: Short-term pay and self-employment dynamics in European Union Countries in the 1990s
  • Current position: Researcher, Center of Planning and Economic Research, Greece

Alvaro Ruiz Navajas

  • Thesis title: Socio-Political Determinants of Economic Growth
  • Current position: SRI Equities team in BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Paris.  

Mario Pezzino

  • Thesis title: Horizontal and Vertical Product Differentiation; Market Equilibrium, Welfare and Quality
  • Current position: Lecturer in Industrial Economics, University of Manchester

Jonathan Powell

  • Thesis title: Public Policy, Bureaucratic Corruption and Economic Development
  • Current position: Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Warwick    

Simon Rudkin

  • Thesis title: The impact of supermarkets on prices, consumer behaviour and welfare: theoretical and empirical issues.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Sen Min Wong

  • Thesis title: Monetary Policy Analysis in a Fixed Exchange Rate Economy with Credit Market Imperfections – A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration for Malaysia
  • Current position: Manager / research economist, Monetary Assessment and Strategy Department, Central Bank of Malaysia

Sakir Devrim Yilmaz

  • Thesis title: Productive Spending, Fiscal Policy and Growth.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Manchester       


Tom Mboya Amonde

  • Thesis title: Macroeconomic Shocks and Stabilisation Policy Choices: The Case of Jamaica, 1962-2004.
  • Current position: Competition Analyst at Jamaica Fair Trading Commission (FTC)

Erdenebat Bataa

  • Thesis title: Three Essays on the Expectations Hypothesis Theory for Term Structure of Interest Rates
  • Current position: Lecturer, School of Economic Studies, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tumur Gunchinmaa

  • Thesis title: Institutions and transactions costs: the role of information in Cashmere marketing in Mongolia.

Xin Liu

  • Thesis title: Essays on cross-border tax competition and Cournot intermediation
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Chongqing University, China

Rashmi Sarmah

  • Thesis title: Macro-economic issues in developing countries

Pham The Anh

  • Thesis title: Essays on Nominal Rigidities and The Real Effects of Monetary Policy
  • Current position: Chief Economist, Investment Banking, TLS Vietnam Research, Vietnam      

Nikolaos Ziros

  • Thesis title: Cournot - Edgeworth Equivalence, the Welfare Theorems and Related Issues in Imperfectly Competitive Economies
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


Gerard Adonis

  • Thesis title: Density estimation and density forecasting with regression quartiles: a non-parametric approach.
  • Current position: Private consultant working mainly in the area of sustainable development in Small Island Developing States, A&A Legal & Economic Consultancy Services, Seychelles

Marina Fe Balmori Durano

  • Thesis title: Three perspectives on institutions and trade in services.
  • Current position: Research Coordinator for Political Economy of Globalization, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), Manila, Philippines

Peter Brooks

  • Thesis title: Choice Behaviour under Risk
  • Current position: Behavioural Analyst Research, Economics & Strategy, Barclays Wealth, Singapore.

Gonzalo Felipe Forgues-Puccio

  • Thesis title: Essays on corruption and development.

Zhengli Gu

  • Thesis title: Economic models of predation and crime: inequality and prevention.
  • Current position: Analyst, China Continent Property and Casualty Insurance Co, China

George Kamau

  • Thesis title: Industrial transformation in Kenya: the prospects for and the challenges of Kenya becoming a newly industrialised country by 2020.

Fabian B. Lewis

  • Thesis title: An Anatomy of Jamaica's Trade Patterns with CARICOM Countries
  • Current position: Director, Research and Analysis Unit, Taxation Policy Division, Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (Jamaica), Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of the West Indies, Mona.

Oscar Roberto Rodriguez-Salinas

  • Thesis title: An economic evaluation of Mexico's trade policy reform with special reference to the steel sector.
  • Current position: Economist, Ministry of Agriculture, Mexico

Christos Savva

  • Thesis title: Volatility and correlations in financial markets and macroeconomics.
  • Current position: Lecturer in Econometrics, Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping, Cyprus University of Technology.

Xiangjie Wu

  • Thesis title: Government expenditure and economic growth in China: a time-series perspective.
  • Current position: Business manager, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Chengsi Zhang

  • Thesis title: Studies of U.S. Inflation Dynamics
  • Current position: Professor of Finance, Department of Money and Banking, Renmin University of China.


Wassie Berhanu

  • Thesis title: Pastoralism and livelihood diversification
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University

Andreea Halunga

  • Thesis title: Misspecification testing when modelling financial time series
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer in Econometrics, Department of Economics, University of Exeter

Dimitrios Varvarigos

  • Thesis title: Essays on short-term volatility and long-term growth
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Leicester