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Past PhD students

Some of the postgraduate researchers that have previously studied economics with us.


Baris Alpaslan

  • Thesis title: Essays on Public Capital and Economic Growth
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey

Gantungalag Altansukh

  • Thesis title: International Inflation Linkages and Forecasting in the Presence of Structural Breaks
  • Current position: Risk Management Analyst, Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Obbey A. Elamin

  • Thesis title: Nonparametric kernel technique for estimation of discrete conditional functions in econometrics
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Stirling.

Rabeya Khatoon

  • Thesis title: Estimation and Inference of Microeconometric Models based on Moment Condition Models

Jaqueson Galimberti

  • Thesis title: Adaptive Learning for Applied Macroeconomics
  • Current position: Researcher, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Serena Masino

  • Thesis title: Essays on Innovation, Human Capital, and Economic Instability
  • Current position: Research Officer, Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD), , Oxford Department for International Development, University of Oxford.

Keyra Primus

  • Thesis title: Essays on Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Small Open Economies

Mohammad Rahman

  • Thesis title: Estimation of Treatment Effects Using Regression Discontinuity Design
  • Current position: Research Fellow, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, Bangladesh

Maria Paola Rana

  • Thesis title: Essays on Crime, Institutions, and Economic Growth

Natina Yaduma

  • Thesis title: Essays on the Econometric Analysis of Economic Development and the Effects on Health, Environmental Damage and Natural Resource Depletion
  • Current position: Research Fellow in Economics, University of Surrey.

Mikhail Zhitlukhin

  • Thesis title: Stochastic Dynamics of Financial Markets
  • Current position: Scientific Researcher, Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Roy Zilberman

  • Thesis title: Essays on Banking Regulation, Macroeconomic Dynamics and Financial Volatility
  • Current position: Development Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Lancaster.


Abdilahi Ali

  • Thesis title: Essays on Capital Flows, Crises and Economic Performance
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Northampton, UK

Caroline Millman

  • Thesis title: Perceptions and risks: Food-borne pathogens in the domestic environment
  • Current position: Research Assistant in Economics, University of Manchester, UK

Laurence Roope

  • Thesis title: Essays on the measurement of Poverty
  • Current position: Researcher, Health Economics Research Centre, Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford, UK

William Tayler

  • Thesis title: Essays on Macroeconomic Models with Nominal Rigidities and Imperfections in the Goods and Credit Markets
  • Current position: Development Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Lancaster, UK


Arshad Ali Bhatti

  • Tesis title: Essays on Economic Growth
  • Current position Assistant Professor, IIIE International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

Azizun Nessa

  • Thesis title: Economics of Remittances: Essays on the Effects of Remittances on Inequality and Growth
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Middlesex University

Vea Papadopoulou

  • Thesis title: Essays in the Economics of Crime and Corruption
  • Current position: Assurance and Advisory Services, PwC, Cyprus

Maria Quattri

  • Thesis title: On Making Agricultural Markets work for the Poor: New Evidence from Ethiopia


Md Shafiul Azam

  • Thesis title: Poverty and Vulnerability in Developing Countries
  • Current position: Senior Research Associate, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh

Wasel Bin Shadat

  • Thesis title: Specification Testing of GARCH Regression Models.
  • Current position: Temporary Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Seda Erdem

  • Thesis title: Food Safety, perceptions and Preferences: Empirical Studies on Risk, Responsibility, Trust and Consumer Choices
  • Current position: Research Fellow, Health Sciences, University of York

Jennifer Golan

  • Thesis title: Analysing the Collective Model in Developing Countries: Evidence from Uganda and Tanzania
  • Current position: Extended Term Consultant, World Bank

Babar Hussain

  • Thesis title: Essays on Human Capital, Institutions and Economic Growth
  • Current position: Lecturer, University of Sargodha, Pakistan

Michael King

  • Thesis title: A rationale for tying merchants' membership of platforms saving independent markets
  • Current position: Consultant

Michal Krol

  • Thesis title: Game-Theoretic Modelling of Oligopolistic Competition under Uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Yuyi Li

  • Thesis title: Empirical Likelihood with Applications in Time Series.
  • Current position: Temporary Lecturer in Economics, University of Manchester

Robert O'Neill

  • Thesis title: Essays On Forecasting The Multivariate Variance-Covariance Matrix
  • Current position: Assistant Statistician (index numbers, prices and inflation measurement), Office for National Statistics, UK

Robert Routledge

  • Thesis title: On the existence and structure of equilibrium in price-setting games
  • Current position: Lecturer, Management School, University of Liverpool

Jing You

  • Thesis title: Household Welfare and Poverty in Rural China
  • Current position:Lecturer, School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China, External Research Associate, Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester


Chandranath Amarasakera

  • Thesis title: Essays on Monetary Policy and Labour Markets
  • Current position: Researcher, Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Samuel Annim

  • Thesis title: Microfinance paradigm: institutional performance and outreach
  • Current position: Research Associate, Institute of Global Finance and Development, University of Central Lancashire

Soyolmaa Batbekh

  • Thesis title: Essays on inequality and poverty

Harischandranath Pahatch Kumbure Gedara

  • Thesis title: Essays on Inflation and Monetary Policy
  • Current position: Researcher, Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Woojin Kang

  • Thesis title: A microeconometric analysis of the welfare of households in Vietnam and China: poverty, vulnerability and inequality
  • Current position: Instructor, Arndt-Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, Australia

Richard Marshall

  • Thesis title: An Appraisal of the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) Initiative
  • Current position: Country Economist, Dhaka Office of the United Nations Development Programme, Bangaladesh

Yuan Yuan Wang

  • Thesis title: Three essays on growth and business cycles in China
  • Current position: Research Associate, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London 

Le Xu

  • Thesis title: Evolutionary Finance and Dynamic Games
  • Current position: Instructor, Business School, National University of Singapore


Alwaleed Alshiekh

  • Thesis title: A Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Saudi Arabian Economy
  • Current position: Assistant Director of Banking Supervision, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Saudi Arabia

Adam Bointon

  • Thesis title: Patterns of Trade and Specialisation in Europe and their implications for Monetary Union
  • Current position: Tax consultant

Nobantu Mbeki

  • Thesis title: Kaleckian theory of the firm and radical uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer, School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Theophilus Richardson

  • Thesis title: The State, the Market and Economic Transformation: the political economy of industrial and economic policies in Ghana, 1957-2000.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Development Economist and Policy Analyst at GIMPA, Ghana

Craig Webb

  • Thesis title: Essays on Choice Under Risk and Uncertainty
  • Current position: Lecturer in Microeconomic Theory, University of Manchester.

Dilem Yildirim

  • Thesis title: Modelling Nonlinear Nonstationary Time Series
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Middle East Technical University of Turkey.


Koray Alper

  • Thesis title: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Emerging Market Economies : The Turkish Case
  • Current position: Senior Researcher, Central Bank of Turkey

Robert Anderson

  • Thesis title: Essays on US Consumer Inflation Expectations
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Business School, Newcastle University

Nikolaos C. Kanellopoulos

  • Thesis title: Short-term pay and self-employment dynamics in European Union Countries in the 1990s
  • Current position: Researcher, Center of Planning and Economic Research, Greece

Alvaro Ruiz Navajas

  • Thesis title: Socio-Political Determinants of Economic Growth
  • Current position: SRI Equities team in BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Paris.  

Mario Pezzino

  • Thesis title: Horizontal and Vertical Product Differentiation; Market Equilibrium, Welfare and Quality
  • Current position: Lecturer in Industrial Economics, University of Manchester

Jonathan Powell

  • Thesis title: Public Policy, Bureaucratic Corruption and Economic Development
  • Current position: Teaching Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Warwick    

Simon Rudkin

  • Thesis title: The impact of supermarkets on prices, consumer behaviour and welfare: theoretical and empirical issues.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Sen Min Wong

  • Thesis title: Monetary Policy Analysis in a Fixed Exchange Rate Economy with Credit Market Imperfections – A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration for Malaysia
  • Current position: Manager / research economist, Monetary Assessment and Strategy Department, Central Bank of Malaysia

Sakir Devrim Yilmaz

  • Thesis title: Productive Spending, Fiscal Policy and Growth.
  • Current position: Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Manchester       


Tom Mboya Amonde

  • Thesis title: Macroeconomic Shocks and Stabilisation Policy Choices: The Case of Jamaica, 1962-2004.
  • Current position: Competition Analyst at Jamaica Fair Trading Commission (FTC)

Erdenebat Bataa

  • Thesis title: Three Essays on the Expectations Hypothesis Theory for Term Structure of Interest Rates
  • Current position: Lecturer, School of Economic Studies, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tumur Gunchinmaa

  • Thesis title: Institutions and transactions costs: the role of information in Cashmere marketing in Mongolia.

Xin Liu

  • Thesis title: Essays on cross-border tax competition and Cournot intermediation
  • Current position: Lecturer in Economics, Chongqing University, China

Rashmi Sarmah

  • Thesis title: Macro-economic issues in developing countries

Pham The Anh

  • Thesis title: Essays on Nominal Rigidities and The Real Effects of Monetary Policy
  • Current position: Chief Economist, Investment Banking, TLS Vietnam Research, Vietnam      

Nikolaos Ziros

  • Thesis title: Cournot - Edgeworth Equivalence, the Welfare Theorems and Related Issues in Imperfectly Competitive Economies
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Cyprus, Cyprus


Gerard Adonis

  • Thesis title: Density estimation and density forecasting with regression quartiles: a non-parametric approach.
  • Current position: Private consultant working mainly in the area of sustainable development in Small Island Developing States, A&A Legal & Economic Consultancy Services, Seychelles

Marina Fe Balmori Durano

  • Thesis title: Three perspectives on institutions and trade in services.
  • Current position: Research Coordinator for Political Economy of Globalization, Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), Manila, Philippines

Peter Brooks

  • Thesis title: Choice Behaviour under Risk
  • Current position: Behavioural Analyst Research, Economics & Strategy, Barclays Wealth, Singapore.

Gonzalo Felipe Forgues-Puccio

  • Thesis title: Essays on corruption and development.

Zhengli Gu

  • Thesis title: Economic models of predation and crime: inequality and prevention.
  • Current position: Analyst, China Continent Property and Casualty Insurance Co, China

George Kamau

  • Thesis title: Industrial transformation in Kenya: the prospects for and the challenges of Kenya becoming a newly industrialised country by 2020.

Fabian B. Lewis

  • Thesis title: An Anatomy of Jamaica's Trade Patterns with CARICOM Countries
  • Current position: Director, Research and Analysis Unit, Taxation Policy Division, Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (Jamaica), Part-time Lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of the West Indies, Mona.

Oscar Roberto Rodriguez-Salinas

  • Thesis title: An economic evaluation of Mexico's trade policy reform with special reference to the steel sector.
  • Current position: Economist, Ministry of Agriculture, Mexico

Christos Savva

  • Thesis title: Volatility and correlations in financial markets and macroeconomics.
  • Current position: Lecturer in Econometrics, Department of Commerce, Finance and Shipping, Cyprus University of Technology.

Xiangjie Wu

  • Thesis title: Government expenditure and economic growth in China: a time-series perspective.
  • Current position: Business manager, Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester

Chengsi Zhang

  • Thesis title: Studies of U.S. Inflation Dynamics
  • Current position: Professor of Finance, Department of Money and Banking, Renmin University of China.


Wassie Berhanu

  • Thesis title: Pastoralism and livelihood diversification
  • Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University

Andreea Halunga

  • Thesis title: Misspecification testing when modelling financial time series
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer in Econometrics, Department of Economics, University of Exeter

Dimitrios Varvarigos

  • Thesis title: Essays on short-term volatility and long-term growth
  • Current position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Leicester