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Zeeshan Atiq


Zeeshan is currently a PhD student at School of Social Sciences, under the joint supervision of Dr Emranul Haque, and Dr Indranil Dutta. His area of specialisation is Finance and Development, majorly focusing the recent financial crisis of 2007-2008. He has got basic education from Pakistan where he did an MA degree in 1999 from Department of Economics, University of Karachi and later did his master's in Applied Economics in 2001 from Applied Economics Research Centre, University of Karachi, and recently completed his MSc from University of Manchester in 2011. He is by profession an academician and serving in Pakistan as Lecturer at Department of Economics, University of Karachi. He has experience in teaching and research in Economics and he has some research papers on his credit that have appeared in research journals and have been presented in conferences.


Ahmad, M. H., Atiq, Z., Alam, S., & Butt, M. S. (2006). The impact of demography, growth and public policy on household saving: a case study of Pakistan. Asia Pacific Development Journal, 13(2), 57-72.

Atique, Z., & Ahmad, M. H. (2004). The Supply and Demand for Exports of Pakistan: The Polynomial Distributed Lag Model (PDL) Approach. Pakistan Development Review, 42, 961-972.

Atique, Z., Ahmad, M. H., & Azhar, U. (2004). The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth under Foreign Trade Regimes: A Case Study of Pakistan. Pakistan Development Review, 43(4), 707


Ahmad, M. H., Atiq, Z., (2005), Determinants of Household Savings in Pakistan: Growth, Demography, and Public Policy. 50th Conference of Singapore Economic Review, Singapore


  • ECON10162 Applied Economics

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