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Vicente Rivera-Garcia


Mr. Vicente Adrian Rivera-Garcia received his BA in Economics (Best Student Award) in 2003 from the Universidad de Sonora (Mexico). He also got a Diploma in Federal Tax Audit (2004) from the Internal Revenue Service (Ministry of Public Debt) of Mexico. In 2006, he obtained the Fulbright Scholarship and the NYU-GSAS Full Tuition Award to pursue masters' studies in the U.S. He earned the MA degree in Economics from New York University (NYU) in 2008. In 2011, Mr. Rivera-Garcia gained a full scholarship from the National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico (CONACYT) to pursue doctoral studies in economics at The University of Manchester within the Development Economics Research Area Group.

Professional experience

Mr. Rivera-Garcia has held several positions mainly as a public servant in the Mexican State of Sonora. From 2003 to 2006, he worked as an advisor of economic, public finance, taxation and anti-poverty issues for the Parliamentary Group of the National Action Party (PAN) at State Congress. In 2009, he served as director of economic and financial information for the office of the Secretary of Economy. In 2010, he was promoted as general director of planning and logistics of the Centre of Evaluation and Control of Trust (Secretary of Public Safety), where he made models to measure the risk of law enforcement officers to commit criminal and corruption acts; he also made recommendations to purge state and local police forces.


At the same time of his professional activities, Mr. Rivera had taught several courses at Universidad de Sonora (2008-2009): i) Advanced Macroeconomics, ii) Macroeconomics and iii) Population and Employment Indicators. After working as adjunct professor during 2009, the Universidad del Valle de Mexico (Laureate International Universities) offered him a permanent academic position as a full time lecturer in 2010, where he taught the following subjects: i) Macroeconomics, ii) Microeconomics, iii) International Economics, iv) International Relations, v) Prospective, and vi) Stock Market Seminar.

Research interests

Vicente's key area of research is concerned to the dynamic analysis of poverty from an empirical microeconomics perspective. Particularly, his doctoral research is devoted to the quantitative analysis of vulnerability to poverty, risk, shocks and uncertainty, as well as poverty traps. He is also interested in assessing the impact of policies and anti-poverty programmes on individuals' and households' welfare. Besides, Mr. Rivera academic interests are related to the effects of macroeconomic and social shocks on households' well-being, as well as the role played by government mechanisms in order to buffer these shocks at an individual level.


  • Dr Katsushi S. Imai
  • Dr Indranil Dutta
  • Prof Armando Barrientos (GDI)

Working papers/dissertations

  • "Vulnerability to Earnings Poverty in the Urban Mexico: A Comprehensive Assessment". Dissertation submitted to obtain the MRes degree in economics at The University of Manchester, September 2012.
  • "The Impact of the Mexican Universal Health Insurance Programme 'Seguro Popular' on Reducing the Probability of Falling into Extreme Poverty because of a Health Shock in Urban Areas", Working Paper, May 2012.
  • "Can Government Microcredit Programs cope with Poverty? The case of the Mexican Government Program of Microcredits 'Opciones Productivas', 2002-2006". Dissertation submitted to obtain the MA degree in economics at New York University, May 2008.
  • "The Hermosillo City's Public Transportation System: Evolution, the SUBA Program, and Ideas for Modernization". Department of Economics, New York University, Working paper. December, 2007.

Contact details

School of Social Science
The University of Manchester
3rd Floor, Arthur Lewis Building
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK