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Ibrahim Tajudeen


Ibrahim has been awarded a scholarship by the Petroleum Technology Development Funds (PTDF) for his studies. He holds an MSc in Energy Economics and Policy with a distinction from the Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC), University of Surrey, UK.

Prior to being enrolled for the University's PhD programme, Ibrahim served as a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Economies of Africa (CSEA) Abuja, Nigeria.

Research interests

Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics.

Research topic: “Energy Demand and Carbon Emissions: Energy Efficiency VS. Subsidy Reforms”.

Ibrahim is a member of Environmental and Resource Economics Group.

PhD supervisors

  • Prof Ada Wossink
  • Dr Prasenjit Banerjee


  • ECON10041: Microeconomics Principle
  • ECON10082: UK Economy-Macroeconomics

Contact details

School of Social Science
The University of Manchester
3rd Floor, Arthur Lewis Building
Oxford Road
Manchester, M13 9PL, UK