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Economics in the public policy arena

Our research at Manchester has far-reaching implications.

Prof Rachel Griffith and Prof James Banks are both joint appointments with the influential Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Prof Pierre-Richard Agénor has contributed, in the policy area, on the macroeconomics of poverty reduction at the World Bank (Washington DC), the African Region of the World Bank (Washington DC), and the Central Banks of Colombia, Chile, Western African States and Eastern Caribbean.

Prof Alastair Hall delivered invited masterclasses on General Method of Moments (GMM) at the American University (Washington DC) and Wageningen University (The Netherlands).

Dr Ralf Becker provided consultancy to Ergon Energy (Brisbane, Australia) on risk sharing agreements with the Queensland State Government. 

Sponsored by The Bank of England, Prof Denise Osborn and Dr Marianne Sensier were investigating changes in macroeconomic volatility.

Ken Clark's ongoing work on the labour market performance of ethnic minorities in the UK lead to a report for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, which was published by The Policy Press (ISBN: 9781861349590).

Media coverage followed, including a feature in the Economist, and the research was also highlighted in a speech by Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Commission for Equality and Human Rightsand has fed into policy discussions in a range of national and regional bodies.

Prof Dan Rigby was commissioned by DEFRA to evaluate the benefits to consumers of new GM Labelling Laws, resulting in work cited by, inter alia, Friends of the Earth, the UK Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission, and the Australian government’s Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

Dan, together with Rachel Griffith has also won funding to examine the economic implications of campylobacter.