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The Economics DA's Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2016-2017

Each year we recognise the diverse and talented individuals who enrich our teaching within the Department.

This year certificates were awarded to the following individuals for their commitment, expertise and eagerness to go the extra mile. The Teaching Assistants in our department play a vital role and gain valuable teaching experience.

  • First prize: Chisom Ubabukoh
  • Second prize: Melisa Sayli
  • Third prize: Myroslav Pidkuyko
  • Highly commended prize: Ali Raza

These individuals have all demonstrated excellence in their economics teaching role.

Students' feedback about Chisom's teaching on Macroeconomics IIA (ECON20401), Advanced Maths (ECON10071), and Advanced Statistics (ECON10072)

Chisom Ubabukoh
Chisom Ubabukoh was awarded first prize for his willingness to put in extra effort and for making the content easy to understand.

'Clear and concise explanations helped make content simple to understand. He was very helpful and the ideal tutorial leader. He made the tutorials engaging and fun, and checked our work to make sure we hadn't made any mistakes. Chisom is a very patient and helpful tutor. Always good with emails and always thoroughly explains things. He was very good at telling us how different things would be applicable to our degree programmes, and would spend a few minutes at the start of each tutorial telling us the most important formulae which we would need for the exercise sheet. He would tell us which questions were the most important for us to understand, and tell us why we need to learn how to solve these problems. Chisom also was very down to earth and approachable and would make sure to get people to participate by asking questions to the class to make sure that we understand things fully. He would spend time creating extra questions for us to practice to ensure that we understood the content.'

Students' feedback about Melisa's teaching on Introductory Maths (ECON10061), Further Statistics (ECON10132), and Applied Economics (ECON10162

'Melisa's explanation of concepts and rules are always very clear to understand, and she is always on hand to help if there are any problems. As far as tutors go, she is the best I've had. Melisa was incredibly helpful in tutorials and was excellent at teaching a large group. She looked over all our weekly homework tasks and marked them with improvements and I thought that was very useful. Helped us with feedback on our homework questions, went through them in detail and helped me on occasions when I went to her with certain questions I was struggling with. She is a professional and very helpful. She is pleasant and always willing to help you. She explains everything very clearly. She arranged a meeting out of her office hours just because I could not make it that time. She is really passionate about the subject, well-structured tutorials which helped in learning/understanding. Good mix of interactive learning and learning led by her. Very helpful in tutorials and went over questions clearly and linked the questions to their corresponding lecture slides and additional readings.'

Students' feedback about Myroslav's teaching on Managerial Economics (ECON20000), and Macroeconomic Principles (ECON10042).

'I thought Myroslav made the unit much more interesting and his relaxed method of explaining the concepts in his feedback classes made him approachable and in turn definitely helped my learning. He gave a clear explanation and demonstration of all the sections from the lecture necessary for completing the assignment tasks. He was very helpful with feedback. The tutorials were very good in helping us understand the assignments we had to do and where we went wrong which was very beneficial. He explained and answered questions very well. Mr Pidkuyko was an amazing tutorial guide, who was dedicated to the group in the matter of us – the students – understanding the material and being able to use our knowledge. He has the amazing ability to listen to and work with young people. He has won the respect of a lot of us.'

Students' feedback about Ali's teaching on Microeconomic Analysis 1 (ECON10171), and Microeconomic Analysis 2 (ECON10172)

'The setup of his tutorials are definitely the most useful, as work must be prepared prior to tutorials, and feedback and discussion is guaranteed. Therefore, there is lots of application of what we learn in the lectures. Further, Ali's revision notes and exercises prior to the midterm were extremely useful. He gave really in-depth, engaging tutorials, made points very explicit and was clear in his methods. He is very concerned about the students and always lends a helping hand when we need it. He actually answered questions we had for him in his own time. Great tutorials, always left classes feeling relieved after having my questions fully explained. Really enjoyed the form of assessment where you would present your answers and then Ali would correct where necessary. Starting tutorials with a question related to lecture slides, to get us thinking. Very good email responses and really competent at teaching in the tutorials. Same as last term – a tutor that gives very clear explanations and is clearly very knowledgeable, and is therefore always able to answer questions. He encourages participation in class. I like his way of teaching.'

Excellence in Teaching Awards

All of our prize winners for 2016-2017 are individuals whose exceptional teaching and professionalism this year has made a significant impact on their students’ learning experience.

Vic Jotham and Ralf Becker / / Economics UG Manager and TA Co-ordinator And Deputy Head of Department