Job market candidates

This page provides information on our 2020/21 job market candidates.

Lotanna Emediegwu

Job Market Paper: The Impact of Climate Change on Sub-Saharan African Agriculture: A Spatial Panel Data Approach
Fields: Environmental Economics, Climate Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Agricultural Economics
References: Ada Wossink, Alastair Hall, Rachel Griffith, Chris Wallace, Ralf Becker (Teaching)

Steve Nolan

Job Market Paper: The Effect of the 2015 Refugee Crisis on Attitudes Towards Immigration
Fields: Applied Microeconometrics, Political Economy, Immigration
References: Alejandro Saporiti, Martyn Andrews, Antonio Nicolo, Ken Clark, Ralf Becker (Teaching)

Nico Ochmann

Job Market Paper: Why Do Immigrants Earn Less than Natives in the UK?
Fields: Applied Economics, Labor and Immigration, Empirical Microeconometrics, Causal Inference
References: Peter Backus, Martyn Andrews, Ken Clark, Alastair Hall

Atiyeh Yeganloo

Job Market Paper: Probability Biases in Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Fields: Experimental Economics, Behavioural Game Theory
References: Horst Zank, Craig Webb, Chris Wallace, Ralf Becker (Teaching)

Anqi Zhang

Job Market Paper: The Long-Term Impact of PROGRESA on Education and Labour Market
Fields: Development Economics, Labour Economics, Policy Evaluation
References: Katsushi Imai, Peng Zhan, Mario Pezzino (Teaching)

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