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The Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research

Conference papers

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Steffen Ahrens, Dennis J. Snower
Envy, Guilt, and the Phillips Curve (PDF, 216KB)

Almut Balleer, Britta Gehrke, Wolfgang Lechthaler, Christian Merkl
Does Short-Time Work Save Jobs? A Business Cycle Analysis (PDF, 339KB)

Adiya Belgibayeva, Michal Horvath
Optimal Conventional Stabilization Policy in a Liquidity Trap When Wages and Prices are Sticky (PDF, 560KB)

Dennis Bonam, Jasper Lukkezen
Fiscal and monetary policy coordination, macroeconomic stability and sovereign risk (PDF, 560KB)

Salvatore Capasso; Lodovico Santoro
The Determinants of the Contract of Corruption: Theory and Evidence (PDF, 408KB)

Jean-Bernard Chatelain, Kirsten Ralf
Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy Rules (PDF, 173KB)

Russell Cooper, Kalin Nikolov
Government Debt and Banking Fragility: The Spreading of Strategic Uncertainty (PDF, 611KB)

Tatiana Damjanovic, Sarunas Girdenas
Quantitative Easing and the Loan to Collateral Value Ratio (PDF, 359KB)

Oliver de Groot
Coordination Failure and the Financial Accelerator (PDF, 663KB)

Matteo De Tina, Chris Martin
Chasing the Gap: Speed Limits and Optimal Monetary Policy (PDF, 183KB)

Giovanni Di Bartolomeo, Marco Di Pietro
Price and wage inflation inertia under time-dependent adjustments (PDF, 497KB)

Sophia Dimelis, Sotiris Papaioannou
Public ownership, Entry Regulation and TFP Growth within a Productivity Convergence Model: Industry Level Evidence from south European Countries (PDF, 416KB)

Federico Di Pace, Kaushik Mitra, Shoujian Zhang
Adaptive Learning, Incomplete Knowledge and Unemployment Volatility (PDF, 236KB)

Andrea Gerali, Alessandro Notarpietro, Massimiliano Pisani
Structural reforms and zero lower bound in a monetary union (PDF, 308KB)

Adam Gulan, Markus Haavio, Juha Kilponen
Kiss Me Deadly: From Finnish Great Depression to Great Recession (PDF, 455KB)

Bernd Hayo, Britta Niehof
Analysis of Monetary Policy Responses After Financial Market Crises in a Continuous Time New Keynesian Model (PDF, 847KB)

Tomohiro Hirano, Masaru Inaba, Noriyuki Yanagawa
Lean versus Clean in a Rational-Bubble Model (PDF, 1713KB)

Christian Jensen
Competition as an Engine of Economic Growth with Producer Heterogeneity (PDF, 330KB)

Vahagn Jerbashian
Knowledge Licensing in a Model of R&D-driven Endogenous Growth (PDF, 605KB)

Britta Kohlbrecher, Christian Merkl, Daniela Nordmeier
Revisiting the Matching Function (PDF, 294KB)

Xin Long, Alessandra Pelloni
Factor Income Taxation in a Horizontal Innovation Model (PDF, 256KB)

Jakob Madsen, Iqtiar Mamun
Has the Capital Accumulation in the Asian Miracle Economies been Fuelled by Growth? (PDF, 343KB)

Stephen McKnight, Laura Povoledo
Can Self-Fulfilling Expectations Help Explain International Business Cycles? (PDF, 353KB)

Kyriakos C. Neanidis and Maria Paola Rana
Corruption and Organized Crime: Growth Implications for Italy (PDF, 1276KB)

Ibrahim M. Okumua, Gonzalo Forgues-Puccio
Is the Informal Sector a Window of Hope? Corruption, Informal Sector and Income Inequality (PDF, 279KB)

Vivek Prasad
Balanced budget stimulus with tax cuts in a liquidity constrained economy (PDF, 1589KB)

Mark Roberts
The Maximum Debt-GDP Ratio and Endogenous Growth in the Diamond Overlapping Generations Model: Three Overlapping Generations are Better than Two (PDF, 332KB)

Jean-Francois Rouillard
Business Cycles, Land Dynamics and Financial Shocks (PDF, 301KB)

Margarita Rubio
Rented vs. Owner-Occupied Housing and Monetary Policy (PDF, 300KB)

Margarita Rubio, José A. Carrasco-Gallegoy
Basel I, II, and III: A Welfare Analysis using a DSGE Model (PDF, 178KB)

Steven Trypsteen
Cross-Country Interactions, the Great Moderation and the Role of Volatility in Economic Activity (PDF, 2286KB)

Tsvetomira Tsenova
Banks Paying for Banks: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Perspective (PDF, 380KB)

Chris Tsoukis
Status, Hyperbolic Discounting, Growth and Distribution (PDF, 447KB)

Martin Zagler
Empirical Evidence on Growth and Business Cycles (PDF, 604KB)

Francesco Zanetti
Financial Shocks and Labour Market Fluctuations (PDF, 417KB)