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The Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research


About us

A substantial body of research has been conducted, and is being conducted, at The University of Manchester in the areas of economic growth and business cycles.

This research is both theoretical and empirical, and reflects the common interests of a critical mass of individuals who work regularly and publish widely in these two major areas of macroeconomics.

Indeed, economic studies is unique in the UK in having strength and depth in both the theoretical modelling and econometric analysis of growth and business cycle phenomena.

Our aims

The Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research (CGBCR) was established with the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide a focus for the thriving and wide-ranging research on growth and business cycles at Manchester;
  • To foster the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the collaboration on projects among those people involved in this research; and
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of similar research that is being undertaken in the wider academic community.

Supporters and directors

The CGBCR operates a vibrant research culture which embraces many disciplines in economics and which seeks to contribute to important contemporary debates in economic growth and development, macroeconomic fluctuations and stability, and government intervention and policy.

The activities of the CGBCR have been kindly supported by research grants from The Economic and Social Research Council, the Bank of England and the Leverhulme Trust. The Directors of the Centre are George Bratsiotis and Akos Valentinyi.

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