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Teaching and research staff within Philosophy

Dr Catharine Abell
Reader in Philosophy

Dr Daniel Bailey
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Prof Helen Beebee
Samuel Hall Professor of Philosophy

Dr Wesley Buckwalter
Presidential Fellow

Dr Richard Christian
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Sean Crawford
Lecturer in Philosophy

Prof Christopher Daly
Professor of Philosophy

Prof Julian Dodd
Professor of Philosophy

Dr Anthony Fisher
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Eve Garrard
Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Stephen Ingram
Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Frederique Janssen-Lauret
Tenure-Track Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Paul Knights
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr David Liggins
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Prof Fraser MacBride
Professor of Philosophy

Prof Cynthia MacDonald
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Prof Graham MacDonald
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Hane Maung
Leverhulme Research Fellow

Dr Jonathan Mitchell
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Prof John O'Neill
Hallsworth Chair In Political Economy

Dr Paula Satne
Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Michael Scott
Reader in Philosophy

Dr Jeroen Smid
Academic Visitor

Dr Thomas Smith
Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Joel Smith
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Dr Graham Stevens
Reader in Philosophy

Prof Thomas Uebel
Professor of Philosophy

Dr Ann Whittle
Lecturer in Philosophy

Professional support services (PSS) staff in Philosophy

  • Amanda Bridgeman - PGT Administrator
  • Shau Chan - BAEcon Programme Administrator
  • Ann Cronley - PGR Administrator
  • Christopher Ashworth - Undergraduate Administrator
  • Bernadette Julien - BAEcon Programme Secretary
  • Val Lenferna -  Administrative support to Philosophy
  • Carla Liburd - School Resources Manager
  • Joshua Muldoon – PPE Programme Administrator
  • Rabia Nawaz - BASS Programme Administrator
  • Noemie Rouault - School Conference Officer
  • Paul Smith - Head of Student Support Services
  • Philippa Wilson - Student Welfare Officer