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Economics graduate appointed high commissioner to Mozambique

10 April 2018

NneNne Iwuji-Eme graduated from The University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) Economics in 1994. She will take up the post of high commissioner to Mozambique in July.

She said: “I hope my appointment as the first British black female career diplomat to this position will inspire young talent, regardless of race or background, to pursue their ambitions in the Foreign Office.

“I look forward to forging even stronger connections between Britain and Mozambique – two close members of the Commonwealth family.”

Iwuji-Eme previously worked as an economist in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and for Royal Dutch Shell.

Since joining the Foreign Office she has held a range of positions from economic adviser for Africa to chief press officer to the Africa minister. Her most recent posting was to Brazil as first secretary prosperity and acting prosperity consul.

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