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School of Social Sciences

Film project hopes to alter attitudes to deaf children in South Africa

10 April 2018

The School of Social Sciences’ Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology will take part in work that aims to improve the lives of deaf children in South Africa. They will work with the University’s Social Research with Deaf People group and the University of the Witwatersrand.

The project will explore how to research and represent the lives of deaf children in South Africa through documentary film.

The project hopes to raise awareness of the vulnerability of deaf children in South Africa, and change attitudes towards them.

Professor Andrew Irving, Director of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, and Professor Alys Young, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, said: “Deaf young people face very particular challenges in achieving their potential and becoming full citizens. As visual people, they also have unique resources on which to draw. Through the pioneering use of community-based film methods, this project tunes in to their latent strengths as visual learners with the capacity to develop new resiliencies given the right opportunities.”

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