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School of Social Sciences

Listen to vulnerable voices for a fairer economy

19 February 2018

Dr Kingsley Purdam, Senior Lecturer in Social Statistics at The University of Manchester, has written in The Big Issue calling for policymakers to listen to the voices of the vulnerable.

He questions whether society has improved its approach to poverty and vulnerable people in 100 years, with huge divisions still evident between prosperous and deprived areas.

Kingsley writes: “In the context of an often predatory market, including payday loan companies targeting their advertising at children, there needs to be a robust safety net for those people who find themselves in need of help. To create a fairer and more equal society we need an economy that does not target and discriminate against the vulnerable.

"To make a fairer society we need to listen to the voices of the vulnerable – this is where the radical politics are. This has got lost in the policymaking process. … In our research into food banks one 10-year old child we spoke to highlighted how she was worried about her mother not eating. She said: ‘We say to my mum make sure you eat but she says she’s not hungry – she’s just making sure we eat first.’” – Read the full article in Big Issue North

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