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School of Social Sciences

A message from the Head of School

Professor Chris Orme

Alongside Economics, Politics and Sociology, Social Statistics affords us a national comparative advantage in quantitative research methods and techniques, Social Anthropology privileges ethnographic techniques and the co-production of knowledge across the globe and Philosophy cultivates reasoning and logical thinking which all of the social sciences demand.

This broad configuration of discipline strength, together with four major research centres (including the ESRC Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity), provides an unparalleled range of degree programmes and delivers ground-breaking research, exploiting an extensive portfolio of quantitative and qualitative methods, applied to substantive socio-economic issues. (These include macro-economic growth and development, global political economy, sustainability and consumption, social inequalities, diversity and cohesion, social and cultural change and moral and ethical behaviour).

Supporting this, we are in national collaborations with:

  • ESRC’s British Election Study;
  • UK Data Service;
  • Administrative Data Service;
  • National Centre for Research Methods.

We also host one of 15 Q-Step Centres funded by Nuffield/ESRC/HEFCE.

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