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School of Social Sciences

Welcome from our Head of School

Professor Chris Orme is Head of the School of Social Sciences at The University of Manchester.

Welcome to the School.  

I’m proud to lead a School that is warm, diverse and intellectually rigorous. I hope you’ll agree when you arrive here to study, work, take part in research or visit us at one of our open days, and that you’ll quickly begin to feel a part of our community.

We are a large School, with nearly 3,000 undergraduates, 500 postgraduates and 300 academic and professional support services staff. With so many people working and thinking together, it’s no wonder our research is as diverse as it is and that we have so many opportunities to work together across departments.

The social sciences are a diverse field and have the power to change lives and shape futures.

We work in:

  • economics;
  • philosophy;
  • politics;
  • social anthropology;
  • social statistics;
  • sociology.

Each of these departments can improve our thinking in the others. For example; the quantitative research methods and techniques we cultivate in social statistics, the depth of reasoning and logical thinking developed in philosophy; the global co-production of knowledge that is central to social anthropology, are all skills that can be applied to any of the social sciences and in the wider world. That’s why we are a truly interdisciplinary School and our students enjoy a huge range of career opportunities.

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Our research is relevant, innovative and grounded in a broad portfolio of methods and specialisms. These include

  • macro-economic growth and development;
  • global political economy;
  • sustainability and consumption;
  • social inequalities;
  • diversity and cohesion;
  • social and cultural change;
  • moral and ethical behaviour.

We are able to inform policy makers and communities so that our research really does change lives.

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We work in national collaboration with:

  • ESRC’s British Election Study;
  • UK Data Service;
  • Administrative Data Service;
  • National Centre for Research Methods.

We also host one of 15 Q-Step Centres funded by Nuffield/ESRC/HEFCE.

I look forward to welcoming you to the School of Social Sciences. 

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