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School of Social Sciences

Postgraduate research funding

The School of Social Sciences receives money from a range of sources to help our postgraduate researchers fund their studies.

Further information on the various funding opportunities, including deadlines, are detailed below. 

Take time to read the information carefully, paying particular attention to deadlines and eligibility.

Please note that the procedure to be considered for any funding available via the School, as detailed below, FIRST requires that you submit a FULL on-line programme application (this includes; on-line form, two academic references, degree transcripts, research proposal, CV) by the dates below.  Your application will then be considered to see if a place can be offered, and ONLY if we can make you an offer will you then be considered for funding.

NOTE: The deadline for receipt of a funding application for the NWDTC/ESRC is Friday 3 February 2017.  However, you must have first applied for a place on the programme and have received notification of an offer before you submit a NWDTC funding application, so EARLY programme application is ESSENTIAL to ensure that your programme application can be considered before the NWDTC deadline.

Due to the high volume of applications the School receives, some areas have an early deadline for receipt of a programme application, as follows:

  • Politics - 23 November 2016 (if you wish to be considered for funding).
  • Economics - 15 January 2017 (if you wish to be considered for NWDTC funding).  There are a further 2 deadlines; 2 April and 30 June, but if you wish to be considered for the NWDTC then you must have submitted your programme application by the January deadline.
  • Sociology - 28 November 2016 (if you wish to be considered for funding).
  • Social Anthropology - 9 January 2017.
  • Philosophy - 20 January 2017 (if you wish to be considered for funding).
  • Social Statistics - 20 January 2017 (if you wish to be considered for funding).
  • Applied Social Research - 28 November 2016 (if you wish to be considered for funding).

If you have any queries, please email

Economics studentships 2017


We offer funding to research students undertaking a PhD/MRes in Economics. Below are the full details of the awards:

Deadline to apply in order to be considered for ESRC funding is 15 January 2017 (this is for receipt of a FULL on-line programme application).

North West Doctoral Training Centre Studentships (NWDTC/NWSSDTP) 2017/18


The NWDTC awarded its last round of studentships in 2016. ESRC funding for 2017 onwards will be available through a new initiative, the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (NWSSDTP).

More information.

North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership (NWCDTP) 2017/18


Further information 

This funding stream is only available for candidates for the PhD in Philosophy and the PhD in Social Anthropology with Visual Media

To be eligible for consideration please submit a full on-line programme application by Friday 20 January 2017.

Research Impact PhD Scholarship 2017/18


Two PhD scholarships are available in the Faculty of Humanities for candidates who are currently pursuing a masters degree at or a recent graduate of The University of Manchester for doctoral studies commencing in 2017/18.


A complete programme application and all supporting documentation must be received in the School by Friday 31 March 2016.  Please note that this is a strict deadline and applications received after 5pm on Friday 31 March will not be included in the competition. Incomplete applications will also not be considered.

View the full details on the University's Funding Database.


School of Social Sciences PhD Studentships 2017/18


We offer funding to PhD applicants in each subject within the School. Below are the full details of the awards:

Deadlines to submit a full on-line programme application

It is vital that you adhere to the deadlines when submitting your on-line programme application.

  • Politics - Wednesday 23 November 2016
  • Economics - Sunday 15 January 2017
  • Sociology - Monday 28 November 2016
  • Social Anthropology - Monday 9 January 2017
  • Social Statistics - Friday 20 January 2017
  • Philosophy - Friday 20 January 2017
  • Applied Social Research - Monday 28 November 2016

ESRC-BBSRC PhD Studentships in Biosocial Research 2017/18


Soc-B studentships are based across social and biological science departments in three centres of excellence in biosocial research:

  • The University of Manchester
  • UCL
  • University of Essex

Soc-B PhD studentships are four-year (+4) studentships with the first year spent in project rotations and biosocial training before selecting a PhD research topic for years 2-4.

CDT supervisors available

Deadline to apply: 23 January 2017

View the full details on the University's Funding Database

Other funding PhD opportunities

China Scholarship Council (CSC) Joint Scholarship Programme

  • View the full details.
  • Deadline to submit an on-line programme application is 30 January 2017

The British Society for the Philosophy of Science - PhD Studentship

Deadline - 7 March 2017

Grundy Educational Trust

The Wellcome Trust

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships (Canadian nationals ONLY)

Summary of process:

  1. Candidate creates online account 
  2. Candidate notifies school
  3. School confirms endorsement to Faculty
  4. Faculty selects nominations (maximum of 6 candidates)
  5. Faculty sends nominations to Trudeau

Already have a programme offer?

If you already have a PhD programme offer for 2017 you will automatically be considered for any relevant funding.

Please email if you have any queries.