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School of Social Sciences

Hannah Wilson

MSc Sociological Research

Why did you choose Manchester?

In all honesty, I chose Manchester because I live relatively close, in Cheshire. But I’m also keen to begin a career in social research and The University of Manchester has the ideal course for that.

Why did you pick your course?

Having previously graduated with a BA in Social Work, where I utilised social research articles in my written assignments, I had almost accidently happened upon a passion for research.

Instead of finding a job within the social work sector I decided to continue my studies to build my research skills. I considered studying for a broader sociological master’s degree, but the MSc Sociological Research offered the opportunity to exercise practical research methods.

What are the best things about your degree?

One of the best things about the MSc Sociological Research course is the opportunity to carry out smaller research projects within the QRM (Research Methods) units. This means that I will graduate having already had experience of carrying out qualitative and quantitative research.

Some of the other modules also offer a base to inform methodology, as well as recent sociological debates.

Are there any modules that you’ve particularly enjoyed? What made them stand out?

I particularly enjoyed the module entitled New Developments in Gender and Sexuality. This gave me the opportunity to discover historical feminist debates, as well as recent developments.

The seminar environment allowed for conversation, which richly added to my understanding as there was a mixture of gender studies, anthropology and sociology students.

Also, the Methodological Issues in Social Research module added to my philosophy of science knowledge, as this was something I had not previously received teaching on in my undergraduate degree.
By concentrating on a different author each week, I was able to begin to understand the different viewpoints and how this can inform a research project. This also helped me to understand the research process, and how the methodology informs methods.

What benefits do you think your course will bring to you on graduation?

Having been given the opportunity to practice different research methods, I feel that I may have additional skills to offer an employer. 

Please can you give details of any extracurricular activities/societies you’ve been involved in?

Being a part-time student, and part-time employed I did not get involved in an extracurricular activities. I am a police support volunteer, and am active in my local church as a youth worker; therefore my studies have been priority while I am on campus.

Why should a prospective applicant choose Manchester?

The positive environment of the University has greatly enriched my experience of a being a student here. A prospective student should choose Manchester for many reasons.

The city offers different cultural experiences within the many museums, music events, and sports facilities.

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