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School of Social Sciences

Georgina Martin

Social Research Methods and Statistics MSc

Why did you choose Manchester?

As an Irish student who had studied in the UK at undergraduate level, I was keen to move back to England to continue my studies. I decided on Manchester as members of my family have studied here and enjoyed it, accommodation is relatively cheap and it has a good reputation.

Why did you pick your course?

I chose Social Research Methods and Statistics (SRMS), as the course seemed very relevant to my background in psychology but also very practical, yielding skills that would be highly desirable in the workplace and relevant if I chose to do a PhD in the future.

What are the best things about your degree?

I have learned SO much! When I think back to where I was in September I feel like a totally new person. The workload is killer but the rewards are huge and I’ve already had emails from prospective employers.

As I had completed a previous master’s which hadn’t really helped me get a job, gaining employable skills was my main goal in doing the SRMS course and I have certainly achieved that. In addition to this, the fellow students on the course were really good at helping one another. We set up study groups and that really helped me solidify what I had learned in class.

Are there any course units that you have particularly enjoyed? What made them stand out?

I really enjoyed ‘Introduction to Statistical Modelling’ and ‘Social Networks’. The modelling unit was particularly labour intensive but the weekly practicals and continuous assessment really help you for the final assignment. With Social Networks, I found the topic really interesting and also felt as though I was learning something that would give me niche skills in the workplace.

How has this course equipped you for your future?

I feel more confident in my abilities. I know if I need to get a project or an assignment done I can do it.

It has taught me that the knowledge is out there it’s just about finding it in a format that you can understand. Perseverance is crucial on this course.

Not being from a mathematical background proved a challenge but it is so rewarding when you put the work in and get good marks out. I have already had employers emailing me which I would never have thought possible a year ago.

Also, the market research consultancy that I have been working with part-time throughout the year has also expressed an interest in retaining me as a statistical research analyst.

What else did you do in your spare time?

This course is labour intensive and as I worked with a market research consultancy part-time (2-3 days a week) I didn’t have time for much extra. Despite this I have become close with my course mates through our endless study sessions and I feel I have made some good friends on the course.

Why should a prospective applicant choose Manchester?

If you want to learn employable skills do this course. It isn’t easy but realistically this is because the topic itself is really challenging.

If you do the work you will get the rewards and the course units are diverse enough so you will undoubtedly find something of interest to you. 

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