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Emile CHAN Chun Nam


Sentimentalist Resolution: An Emotional Account of Self-Control

Research interests

Philosophy of action, philosophy of emotion, epistemology, metaethics, philosophy of mind, Chinese philosophy


Current research

In my Ph.D. research, I attempt to propose a theory of willpower which explains the phenomena about the weakness of will and the strength of will in terms of emotional phenomena.

And recently I am writing an article to defend virtue reliabilism, a view which holds that knowledge is true belief reliably produced by an agent's cognitive abilities, by responding to the objections towards virtue reliabilism made by Berit Brogaard in her 2006 article 'Can Virtue Reliabilism Explain the Value of Knowledge'.

Other information

Before arriving in Manchester, I was a student at Lingnan University in Hong Kong for nearly a decade. I obtained all my sub-degrees, my degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and my degree of Master of Philosophy in Philosophy at Lingnan.